Solutions for electronic boards

Hardware design starting from specific technical needs, to create a customized solution.

Hardware design

There are various hardware characteristics that come into play when defining the structure of an embedded board for process control.  These characteristics are divided into three main categories.

The microprocessors.

To manage the functionality of a machine different types of microprocessors can be used depending on its application, from 8 to 32 bits. We select the most suitable microprocessors according to the type of project to be implemented and we take care of the firmware design directly.

Input sensors

Micro Systems Process Control Boards support a variety of input sensor types, depending on the design required by the client.

Output actuators

The output actuators send various types of commands to the machine: digital, analogue or fieldbus (modbus, can bus, ethernet, etc.).

Firmware Design

The machine firmware is made according to the specific requirements. In this way, every single aspect, from the management of the various functions to the commands of the different machine components, is created on the basis of your needs. The firmware of the board is a flexible product that evolves with the machine, capable of satisfying further requests for additional functions.

In addition, we also develop PC software, one more tool to improve data management or other supervisory functions.

Technologies involved

The continuous search for new technological solutions is a fundamental point of our strategy. We believe that innovation is essential to remain competitive on the markets and for this reason we want to transfer the best technical solutions currently available to your products.

RFID Technology

For traceability and contactless monitoring

Sub GHz radio technology

It is able to cover very long distances, thanks to a high efficiency and low absorption wireless system.

Wi-Fi technology

Connect the machine to the internet to control it remotely or generate a local network to control it locally.

Bluetooth technology

The method of exchanging short-range data between different devices.


Always know the geolocation and movement of your machine.

NFC Technology

Wireless interface for communicating between a smartphone and the board.

Our solutions in the field

For Preo, leader in the design and production of gluing machines, we have created control electronics and a completely customized user interface for the renewal and innovation of the entire line of machinery.

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