Action on the field

With the same enthusiasm of a sports team, we design and build solutions that offer true product innovation, leading our customers to excel in their markets.

Custom hardware and software design

After a thorough analysis phase, we move on to the design of the hardware and software. Each new project is a challenge, and the more thrilling this challenge, the more it enables us to deepen our knowledge of new technologies. We believe that innovation is essential to remain competitive on the market and we want to transfer the best available technical solutions to our customers’ products.

Creating and testing of the product

We create the first prototype and submit it to the electromagnetic compatibility test before passing it to the customer for the necessary field tests. We carry out these tests in collaboration with the customer, both simulation and beta tests: this enables us to move to the production phase with a stable and robust product.

Controlled and certified series production

We guarantee a punctual supply of electronic boards. We provide for the supply and storage of the most critical electronic components from the point of view of delivery times. In order to guarantee, not only the best components with an industrial supply guarantee of 10-15 years, but also and above all a continuity of stock over time, we ask our customers to execute orders on a semi-annual / annual basis.


Our custom solutions

We design and create customized electronic solutions for the most varied sectors, but we always have the same goal: giving value to the final product thanks to a solution that integrates perfectly with the machine, making it more efficient and precise.