Our testing method

The functional testing of the boards is carried out at the time of the assembly of the entire system, providing you with a “ready-to-use” product, tested and complete, ready to be installed on industrial machinery.


Testing is fundamental for guaranteeing a high level of reliability for the electronics.

Functional testing is performed on all the electronic boards we produce with the aid of automatic workstations which are able to minimise human error.
These checks are therefore not just run on random samples, but are performed on every single product.

The electronic board is connected to a computer which tests and calibrates the inputs, outputs and memory components of the board.

The operation of the user interface is then also checked. All test equipment is itself tested and calibrated via a primary instrument, which is calibrated yearly at SIT (Servizio di taratura in Italia) testing laboratories.

As well as testing their operation, the electronic boards undergo a burn-in test, that is they are left running for a sufficient number of hours to test all critical components.

Following this test, a second functional test is performed, offering further guarantees of the high levels of quality.

In-circuit Testing

The in-circuit test carried out by the Flying Probe 4020 machine highlights and eliminates the presence of any defects. This machine measures the nodal impedance of all the nets on the board, that is, it verifies that each individual net behaves as expected.

The test allows us to detect any anomalies that are difficult to identify with traditional testing methods, such as defects on the input / output stages of integrated circuits, lateral parasitic impedances and current leakage on printed circuits.


Aftersales Services

The supply of electronics for industrial machinery requires constant support for the entire lifespan of the product.
One of the necessities which can occur is adding new functions to your machine: once the requirements have been defined and the modifications implemented, it will be possible to perform updates simply via USB or a PC connection, for all installed machinery.

As regards long-term support of the electronic boards, we also offer a repair service in the event of faults.
We also constantly monitor the obsolescence status of the electronic components.

There are usually two types of countermeasures:

Offering alternative solutions

starting out at small modifications and going up to total renovation of the hardware.

Increase warehouse stocks

of the component according to requirements, in accordance with the customer.

Warehouse and stock

We guarantee always-on-time delivery of our electronic boards.  We procure and store the electronic components which are most critical from a supply time point of view.
In order to guarantee customers not just the best components with industrial warranties of 10-15 years, but also and above all long-term supply continuity, we ask our customers to make six-monthly/annual scheduled orders.

We have four automatic vertical storage systems with a modular design, in order to:

  • Select materials in an optimized sequence which minimises machine process times

  • Protect materials from dust and unauthorised access

  • Save storage space and therefore store up to 80% more material

  • Avoid health and safety risks for our employees: automated work processes are preferable to manual activities

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