Advanced IoT connectivity systems

We have created Hyperspace, a new brand designed to give you a glimpse into the future, broaden the horizons of your company and discover unexplored sectors.

We create fully customized connectivity and service solutions.

We can build systems made up of:

  • IoT connectivity, custom data gateway, data collection cloud server, web portal and/or app built on specific requirements
  • Big Data Analysis, the interpretation the data collected allows us to extract the useful and strategic information.
  • Servitization, we explore new business possibilities, applying the value-added services that the IoT is capable of creating. 

By making use of IoT, we want to enable companies to get out of the logic of a business linked only to the product, exploring new possibilities in the world of services.

Discover the potential of new technology

We provide solutions using the Internet of Things that enable entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities related to services.

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