The new Italian hot-melt solution

The company

Preo is a leader in the design and manufacture of adhesive application systems: it has made a name for itself in the international market with the innovations used on its patented, high-tech products, taking a leading position both in standard production and the development of special solutions.

Preo boasts a staff of highly qualified technicians and some of the most modern and best equipped machinery around: it has developed the most significant 100%-Italian sales, technical and production structure in the hot-melt application sector, helping further enhance the image of Italian manufacturing around the world.


Years of business

> 3.500


> 10.000

Machines sold

6,5 ML

Turnover 2019


Preo designs and develops its machines thanks to an R&D department which is extremely active in identifying ever-more technologically innovative solutions in the hot melt sector.

For more than twenty years Preo has turned to Micro Systems to source electronic control systems for machines, developed in response to specific requirements and subsequently manufactured in series.

In 2015, Preo decided to once again overhaul its range of machines, investing in design and technology innovation; for this reason it turned to Micro Systems to create the control electronics and user interface according to its specific requirements.

Tools and Methods

The EASY TOUCH series of applicators was equipped with a new electronic control system: Micro Systems used its experience from many years of partnership to design a completely custom control system to the specifications provided by Preo.

The system retains complete control of all machine operations, both as regards temperature regulation of the glue in the various sections of the machine and in terms of distribution of the adhesive via two-channel modules, offering a maximum of eight, all completely independent.

The system is composed of the following:

  • CPU board (process control: system supervision)
  • melting tank temperature regulation power control board
  • lines-guns temperature regulation module (2 channels)
  • adhesive distribution module (configurable, 4- or 8-channel)
  • 7″ LCD colour touchscreen user interface.


The graphical user interface provides complete control over machine operation.

It shows all the system’s sections (tank, manifolds, lines and guns).  It manages temperature setting, pump control, programming of machine parameters and the adhesive sections, and the integration and communication with any external units.

Process control

The system, composed of a CPU board, tank power board, lines-guns temperature regulation board, and distribution board, manages and controls all the hot-melt machine’s functions.

The automatic glue distribution system integrated in the system controls the spray of eight glue guns via static relays incorporated in the board.

Results and Developments

The electronic control system manages the operation of the Preo Easy touch series applicators, specifically:

  • Sequential temperature regulation of the enabled channels (tank-lines and guns)
  • Machine ready and pump start signal
  • Absolute maximum temperature protection system
  • Economy Dual Mode
  • Weekly program with Daily ECO function
  • Colour status button with real-time diagnostics and Screen Saver function
  • Glue line/gun temperature regulation disablement
  • System log file
  • Lifetime/working hours/pump cycles counter
  • Machine parameters upload and download
  • Firmware updates via USB host port for all system boards
  • Customisation of the name of the system sections and adhesive programs
  • Parameters copy/paste function

Preo has completely overhauled the control electronics for its adhesive application machinery: it has increased the performance of its products, providing the user with an intuitive and visually attractive control system. The system developed by Micro Systems also lends itself to future expansions in the event that the complexity of machine management increases.