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About us

We are specialists in cutting-edge embedded electronics solutions and Internet of Things.

We believe in the energy of new ideas and the power of imagination.  We were born in 1984, at the dawn of industrial automation systems, and we never stopped. After more than 30 years we renewed the brand, defined the values that have always accompanied us, and gave voice to our vision.

“We believe in the power of imagination at the service of human progress. And we want to be an active part of this change.”

Born for team play

We work with a conviction: technology is not just a functional need, but a tool for human and professional improvement. We believe in innovation as a fundamental tool for competition.

This is why we want to give our customers the best technological solutions. We know that true innovation can only be achieved through a close partnership and continuous collaboration with our customers.


Our strengths

High technology and high production standards are our strengths that allow us to ensure concrete benefits for our customers, taking into account the optimization of costs, flexibility and the continuous updateability of the solutions.

Our values

Innovation is the beating heart of the solutions we design, tailor-made for our customers. We are not suppliers, but partners in technological progress, lovers of challenges and team play.



Micro Systems Founded

Microprocessor technology established itself in the 1980s. Indeed, the market for industrial automation systems offered enormous potential in this period, allowing the flexibility and power of this new technology to really make its mark. This is the scenario in which Micro Systems was founded by Paolo Melegoni, Giancarlo Scianna and Fausto Tosi. The common goal of the founders was to work in a professional manner and put their personal experience to good use.



Micro Systems moves to Novi di Modena

to the same headquarters the company occupies today. Thanks to the reliability of its electronics solutions, Micro Systems’ customers and business soon multiply. This allows the company to expand and take on its first employees.


ISO:9001 Certification Awarded

Thanks to the company’s impressive results, Micro Systems’ headquarters triples in size. The European directive on electromagnetic compatibility for electronic equipment comes into force. Micro Systems is one of the first companies in Italy to invest in machinery for electromagnetic compatibility testing and to obtain ISO:9001 certification.


Implementation of Management Control

Corporate organization is strengthened thanks to the introduction of management control and new computerized warehouse functionality.


Embedded Operating Systems and Colour LCDs

Micro Systems chooses to strengthen its investment in research and development and its design department by taking on new engineers. The goal is to develop new solutions with innovative technologies based on embedded OSs and colour LCD screens.


First Windows CE-based devices

The first generation of devices based on Windows CE .net 4.2 is born. The next year, further hardware implementations give life to the second generation, Windows CE .net 5.0.


Multimedia Systems

The third generation, Windows CE .net 6.0, is ready: this is a system with advanced multimedia functionality, able to support very high operating speeds. Micro Systems reviews its entire corporate organisational structure, adopting a managerial system.


Internet of Things

The new machine to machine (M2M) communication modules go into production: integrated in boards, these allow the machines to connect to the Internet wirelessly and communicate data, faults and their position. Access to the machines occurs in real time thanks to custom software which guarantees secure multi-level access.


Linux and QT

Micro Systems has choosen to move over to the Linux operating system for user interfaces based on Microprocessor IMX6 of NXP. The potential of the QT language is adopted for programming complex user interfaces and new projects are developed with qlm and C ++ languages.


Contact details

Contact us for details of our proposals and discover the different solutions that we can develop for your company.


Via Bologna, 27
41016 Novi di Modena
Modena (MO), Italy