Custom research and development area

We can create a unique products by combining different technologies, user interfaces, the IoT and process control boards.

Some examples of applications

Ovens for gastronomy

We have created oven process control boards that manage electric and gas cooking, steam management, washing and multi-chamber cooking. Furthermore, we have designed high performance user interfaces for recipe programming and combined management of the oven and blast chiller.

Ovens for bread, pastry and pizza

We have developed control boards and user interfaces that have been following the evolution of industrial electronic technology: rotary ovens, electric ovens with up to 5 chambers, deck ovens, tube ovens, ovens with pellet feeds and communication with automatic oven loading devices. We have also created direct three-phase power management boards able to reach up to 18 Kw per chamber, which eliminates the electrical panel.

Biscuit pouring machines

They are complex machines in which the video board communicates via modbus protocol with the panel board, which in turn manages the process control and communicates with various drives via canbus or analog, controlling the various axes. The 6 engines were synchronized with each other.

Combined convection and microwave ovens

Two magnetrons and two ventilated resistances are managed through the electronic board to defrost and heat food as quickly as possible.

Dough processing machines

For the dividers we have created a system that weighs the dough and cuts it when the required weight is reached. This weighing is carried out while the dough is passing on the belt.

Gluing and packaging

This solution deals with the thermoregulation of hot glue and application thereof on the products of the paper and packaging industry. The application of the glue can reach very high speeds, up to 600 meters / minute; the regulation loop is 50 microseconds.

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