RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification for traceability or recognition of an object.

RFID technology makes it possible to identify or store data on special labels called TAGs or transponders; these can be read or written remotely by radio frequency readers, thanks to an antenna capable of transmitting the signal.

An intelligent label communicates via radio frequency signals with a writing / reading device at a fixed or mobile position at a distance of even more than one meter.

The useful information can be stored on a TAG in the memory of the IC, so the stored information can be changed without having to replace the label.

Smart labels with a passive TAG are powered by the radiofrequency field emitted by the reader device, therefore they do not require a battery. A thin flexible paper label is applied to the support, whether in paper or plastic, and can be self-adhesive and / or printed.

Possible applications with an RFID reader


The identification of a machine accessory, which can only be activated if the accessory in question is original


The recognition of the product packages that the machine uses (raw materials, special blends, etc.), with the possibility of assigning a unique identification code that enables operation

Access key

The creation of an “access key” which keeps track of the user access and the operations performed.

Better performance

  • Password protection and other security systems
  • Readable label even when not visible
  • Functional even when exposed to unfavourable conditions
  • Easy application to any product
  • Enabling user access based on the code assigned via the access key

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