Our strengths

High technology with high production standards – this allows us to offer concrete advantages to our customers.


Micro Systems’ production has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996

In 2016 we obtained IPC-CID certification: this is the organisation for the industrial electronics sector, which provides designers and manufacturers of printed circuit boards and manufacturers of electronic components with standards.

In 2017 we obtained the IPC-ESD certification, which defines the rules of conduct and procedures to be used to avoid electrostatic discharges.

This certification is aimed at pursuing industry standards (ANSI/ESD S20.20).


Our electronics have reached a very high level of reliability through our policies of growth and continuous improvement.

This key result has been achieved over time by incorporating tests, procedures and other measures which all reflect great attention to detail; these are all still in place today to offer our customers ever-increasing levels of service.

Cost Reduction

Micro Systems considers it key to meet all our customers’ requirements as effectively as possible, not just by designing products to meet their specific needs, but also by looking for the most efficient solutions from an economic point of view.

There are various possible ways to reduce production costs:

  • Modular Design: The various machine models created by the customer are analyzed and we  identify common functional blocks in order to unify the control electronics and thus reduce the price.
  • Integration of the power components: of the machine in the electronics produced. This approach allows to eliminate the power switchboard by connecting the power components directly to the electronic board.
  • Incorporating functions: traditionally performed by electromechanical components, allowing them to be removed.
  • Redesigning the electronics: redesigning the system with new components allows costs to be reduced significantly. This also reduces the risk of not being able to locate spare components because they have become obsolete.

Research And Development

Our continuous research into new technological solutions is a key point of our strategy. We believe that innovation is key in remaining competitive in the market, and we aim to incorporate all the best technical solutions available in your products.
Our research and development activities cover various areas:

  • Looking for new technologies: This comes from thorough and continuous analysis of the market’s requirements, evolution and needs to make your machines more competitive, for example by adopting technology taken from different sectors
  • Continuing Education: Continuing professional education courses for all positions and levels: our employees are a precious resource, and we aim to help them grow and get the best out of them
  • Looking for the best components: To help guarantee high performance and production continuity

Specialization And Flexibility

The electronic control system is an integral part of the machine and must therefore keep up with its development, from the initial fine-tuning phase through to the development of new versions.
For this reason Micro Systems works in close partnership with its customers, offering them the kind of specialization which can only come from an external partner dedicated solely to the production of microprocessor controls, combined with the kind of flexibility the customer could obtain by using its own staff.
In practice, our customers can delegate a portion of the machine design while maintaining control over the factors most critical for the performance of the finished product.


We are always available to modify any hardware or software created in order to meet any requirements which might emerge from market requests.
Whenever new requirements for the functions which the electronics must perform should emerge, we can offer you up-to-date solutions for this in an extremely rapid manner.
We offer training courses for customer technicians so they can independently update content or modify the operating parameters via multi-level password-protected access control systems.

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