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We design electronic process control boards, user interfaces and IoT solutions in partnership with your company’s design department, according to your specifications. We design and manufacture products that do not exist on the market, creating a customized electronics, with all the elements and technologies required for the functionality of the final product.

We are the electronics department for small and medium companies that need to have high level skills, quality and a service always active to find the best solutions for the products. We always stay at your side proposing and applying technologies that we know well, thanks to the different solutions developed for the most different applications.

Solutions for electronic boards

The process control board controls the operation of the machine: it receives data from its sensors, processes it and controls its actions.

Design of user interfaces

In order to manage the control of the machine in a customized way, we realize advanced solutions, to keep the embedded electronics for industrial systems always updated as consumer technologies.

Advanced IoT connectivity systems

We provide solutions using the Internet of Things that enable entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities related to services.

Custom research and development area

We can create a unique products by combining different technologies, user interfaces, the IoT and process control boards.

Research of technological solutions

The continuous research of new technological solutions is fundamental to remain competitive on the markets. For this reason we want to transfer on your products the best technical solutions currently available.

RFID Technology

For traceability and contactless monitoring.

Sub GHz radio technology

It is able to cover very long distances, thanks to a high efficiency and low absorption wireless system.

Wi-Fi technology

Connect the machine to the internet to control it remotely or generate a local network to control it locally.

Bluetooth technology

The method of exchanging short-range data between different devices.


Always know the geolocation and movement of your machine.

NFC Technology

Wireless interface for communicating between a smartphone and the board.

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